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Elections in Austria 2024

A March 2024 webinar on voting in the EU and national elections, with Austrian experts. View 1. Webinar (password - Elections24) 2. Prof. Ennser-Jedenastik's presentation 3. Webinar Q&A

Using your vote - Presidential election 2022

A September 2022 webinar on the political landscape ahead of the Presidential elections. View: 1. Webinar (password - Wahl22) 2. Slides from Prof. Ennser-Jedenastik

Webinar feedback

...thanks for orchestrating the excellent webinar on the elections in Austria 2024. I had not intended to vote, but within 15 minutes of viewing, I had changed my mind. Now I’m registered and will cast my vote.

...thank you for a truly excellent program yesterday.  It was interesting, informative, very helpful, and very much appreciated.

...yesterday's webinar on Austrian elections...was enormously helpful and I learned a great deal. I left the webinar feeling much better equipped to vote in the upcoming elections

Really helpful presentation. Thanks

Amazing presentations!

What an enlightening presentation on being Jewish in Austria.

I want to thank deeply the organizers of this webinar…and the various participants. A big thank you to all of you!

Thank you to the amazing presenters!

Many thanks for organising this webinar, it has been extremely illuminating!

Thank you for a truly useful presentation!

An amazingly helpful session

Thank you so much for this session — it was excellent.

Huge thanks to all the organisers and speakers. This was so helpful

Thank you everyone, that was great

I really enjoyed the webinar. Thank you very much for organising it

...great webinar. Super well organized.

Excellent format for understanding the basics of the various political parties. Thanks.

Thank you! The webinar was very helpful

Very informative and helpful! Thank you for educating us.

....extremely informative. Thank you for organising this.

Thank you for such an interesting and informative session

Thank you so much...The webinar was very interesting. was an excellent and very interesting event; it really gave me the background I feel I was missing.

Thank you so much for the brilliant webinar on the 2024 elections - I learned so much!

Thanks for  the webinar about voting – most helpful

It is nice to feel part of a community of 'new Austrians'

Warmest thanks for all your effort, thoughtfulness and generosity in arranging this excellent webinar.  I learnt so much about current politics in Austria.  So grateful.

Thank you very much for arranging the excellent seminar on Wednesday , I certainly now feel confident about voting and that it is my duty as a new Austrian citizen. 

Million thanks for your help and the work you've already done for all of us Austrian Jewish descendants. 

Future webinar subjects


They include, but are not limited to:


  • Living in Austria – are you thinking of a protracted stay in Austria? We hear from descendants of the second and third generations who have made Austria their home

  • Remembering the past – what efforts has Austria made to deal with the past? We speak to people, both Jewish non-Jewish, who have made it their mission to remember, to build a better future

  • The media landscape: What are the main publications and where can you get information on Austria

  • Negotiating the state – pensions, healthcare, social services. All the practical questions answered 

  • Do you know your Tyrol from your Burgenland? – the provincial states, their differences and their histories of Jewish habitation     


Please note: There is no definitive programme, but subjects will be addressed based on interest and participant / organiser availability.